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Aluminum structural glazing which is extremely popular now days due to its stylish look. Glazing is done by bonding glazing material to a metal structure and it is used to create all glass or curtain wall facades. Horizontal and vertical framing members ('Sticks') are normally extruded. Aluminum is protected by anodizing or powder coating, but may be cold-rolled steel (for greater fire resistance). Members are cut to length and machined in the factory prior to assembly on site as kit of parts: vertical mullions, which are fixed to floor slab, are first followed by horizontal transoms, which are fixed in-between mullions. Glass is held to frame mechanically using pressure and cover plates. This system has advantage of minimal coast and it offers some degree of dimensional adjustments to site conditions..
The sealant forms a waterproof seal against water leakage and air. It has a high safety feature and helps greatly in noise reduction.
1. Sealant for weather seals shall be Dow Corning 789 or Equivalent.
2. Sealant for Structural Glazing shall be Dow corning 995 or equivalent and shall be applied in accordance with manufacturer's specification.
Glass and Glass Processing
Various Sources of Glass: 1. Asahi, Japan
2. Saint Gobain, India Or France
3. Glaverbel, Belgium
4. Pilkington, USA

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