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Our organization is eminent in providing frameless glazing system where the aluminium as framing is excluded. Our prominent workers place only 10/12mm thick tough glass that are used to anchor the thick glass with various accessories such as spider fittings and hence it is frame less systems.

There are two accessories used in frameless glazing system. They are: • Spider Joint System • Patch Fittings

Sheets of toughened glass are assembled with special bolts and brackets and supported by a secondary structure, to create a near transparent façade or roof with flush external surface. A multitude of discreet or prominent secondary structures can be designed (e.g. space frame, rigging or a series of mullions) which support the glazing through special brackets. The joints between adjacent panes/glass units are weather sealed on site with wet-applied sealant.

Stainless Steel patch fittings are used for low end frameless systems. It be entrance door, glass partition, lobby, atriums, etc. These fittings are available in steel and brushed chrome finish. They blend very well with clear glass to give neat look to your structure.

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