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ACP Cladding
Structural Glazing
Frameless Glass Doors
Structural Glazing & ACP Cladding


Aluminum structural glazing which is extremely popular now days due to its stylish look. Glazing is done by bonding glazing material to a metal structure and it is used to create all glass or curtain wall facades.
Horizontal and vertical framing members ('Sticks') are normally extruded. Aluminum is protected by anodizing or powder coating, but may be cold-rolled steel (for greater fire resistance). Members are cut to length and machined in the factory prior to assembly on site as kit of parts: vertical mullions, which are fixed to floor slab, are first followed by horizontal transoms, which are fixed in-between mullions. Glass is held to frame mechanically using pressure and cover plates. This system has advantage of minimal coast and it offers some degree of dimensional adjustments to site conditions..
The sealant forms a waterproof seal against water leakage and air. It has a high safety feature and helps greatly in noise reduction.
1. Sealant for weather seals shall be Dow Corning 789 or Equivalent.
2. Sealant for Structural Glazing shall be Dow corning 995 or equivalent and shall be applied in accordance with manufacturer's specification.
Glass and Glass Processing
Various Sources of Glass
1. Asahi, Japan
2. Saint Gobain, India Or France
3. Glaverbel, Belgium
4. Pilkington, USA

In which frames are installed at site. Glasses are fixed in separate sub-frame off site and then installed in pre-erected frame at site. Silicon structural glazing, pressure equalization with two lines of defense against weather, Pass water penetration, air leakage, structural performance and seismic test according to ASTM, AS/NZS standard, Infill panel can be single glass, double glass or solid aluminum sheet, 2hrs. fire barrier, Aluminum frame can be anodized or polyester powder coated.


The latest developments in structural glazing are a combination by using ACP or any other finishes on spandrel are by which the surface look very attractive and aesthetically catch the eye. Light weight cladding system to dress up building with budget.

Aluminum Composite Panel is made by sandwiching two foil of aluminum, with a non-toxic polyethylene core. A fluorocarbon coating is applied on the top ensuring superior corrosion resistance and weather ability.

ACP have become immensely popular amongst architect as these materials can be shaped in any way desired. Concave, convex, bent structures can be created, by using standard wood or aluminum working machines

Brands such as Viva, Eurobond, AlcoPla, AluKbond, AluDecor, Altobond, Superbond, Alstom, Fujibond, Durabuild, etc are available.
Standard Dimensions
Size: 1220mm x 2440 mm/
1220mm x 3050mm / 1220mm x 3660mm
(Special sizes also available)
Thickness: 2mm, 3mm, and 4 mm
This is a special category of glazing where the use of Aluminum as framing is totally excluded. And it's place only 15/19mm thick toughened glass fins are used to anchor 12mm thick glass with accessories such spider fittings, hence the term frameless Systems. FRAMELESS GLAZING SYSTEM
There are basically two types of system:
• Spider Joint System.
• Patch Fittings.
Sheets of toughened glass are assembled with special bolts and brackets and supported by a secondary structure, to create a near transparent façade or roof with flush external surface. A multitude of discreet or prominent secondary structures can be designed (e.g. space frame, rigging or a series of mullions) which support the glazing through special brackets. The joints between adjacent panes/glass units are weather sealed on site with wet-applied sealant. SPIDER JOINT SYSTEM
Stainless Steel patch fittings are used for low end frameless systems. May it be entrance door, glass partition, lobby, atriums, etc.
These fittings are available in steel and brushed chrome finish. They blend very well with clear glass to give neat look to your structure.
Louvered windows and ventilator units are made out of anodized or power coated aluminium louvers fitted in aluminium frame/mullions or shutter frames. These units are being installed at such places where curtain is required, so that the air ventilation could be possible. LOUVERED WINDOW/VENTILATORS
In modern roofing concepts sky lights are very popular, sky lights are beneficial in those areas where natural light is required. Moreover sky light is being used in domed shape which is again a new concept in modern construction industry the sky light units are being made out of aluminium frames and multiwall laminated and insulated glasses or multi wall polycarbonate sheets in desired colors and specification.

Most of our structure systems can be adapted or used as entrance canopies or porches. Not only can they serve as an architectural feature but they also give the practical benefits of providing protection from the weather whilst unlocking, queuing or waiting for access into the building. We manufacture metal (steel, stainless, aluminium) entrance canopies in Glass, polycarbonate and ACP Sheets. ENTRANCE CANOPY
Glass railings offer an attractive alternative to wooden and wrought iron types while still meeting or exceeding safety requirements. The standard glass designs are typically made up of panes of glass, topped by an SS horizontal rail with SS vertical support rails.
The newest and most elegant style are the topless glass railings, these systems no longer require a top or bottom horizontal rail. The topless rail system provides the most clean and unobstructed view available.
Since these railings create such a beautiful, open space in any area where they are used they are frequently used in shopping malls, business centers, vacation properties and of course for personal residences.

Combine the visual appeal, the ease of installation, their maintenance free characteristic, the durable construction and the vast array of practical applications they can be used in; glass rails seem to be a clear choice for your next railing project.
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